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Stand Strong Against Workplace Bullying:

I usually try to stay somewhat private and confide certain things with close personal friends. It's gotten to a point where I feel the need to address something that is so often isolating feeling and your left feeling baffled. So If I can help someone or show you are not alone in a world of of chaos then this post was well worth it. You are not alone!  Some people out there are still genuine!

So here’s a scenario: You are working in a place where you become actual work friends with a specific person. Now there are other girls/coworkers. One is a complete bully that constantly makes up lies about you so no one talks to you. The lies always gets back to you so thankfully you can do damage control. She also bullied my suppose friend for a year and a half. Everyone watched this girl get bullied but did nothing about it. So I got involved and stopped it. Now two other girls/coworkers made comments about my suppose work friend that her work area was unorganized and not clean. It got back to her and she told me she was very hurt. One coworker told her mid-sentence “I don’t give a f!%$ what you have to say” when she expressed a work issue and another coworker excluded her name in a birthday card (even though she swore she added her name) all to keep the fight going with the bully. So when this toxic information came to me “I got involved” and I tried to squash it for them. For no benefit of my own but for everyone to be friendly and happy. When I told her don’t be upset confront these girls she’s like “I’m gonna keep my distance and I want to keep peace at my job.” Now supposedly somebody went to this friend and told her I said something about her and instead of coming to me when I had her back , she’s choosing to believe the person/persons that made her life hell at work. So obviously now she’s “not trying to keep the peace at work and wants to show she’s tough and being petty through me.” Geez! if you’re going to be mad at someone “who supposedly said something about you” shouldn’t you be mad at everyone you work with that ACTUALLY did say s$%# about you??? Needless to say that friendship is done. Now all the people she specifically told me she disliked you guessed only talks to them now. I guess it’s true, birds of a feather flock together. I sit back and watch when they are all huddle together and laugh to myself of all the crap they all spoke behind each other’s back. Imagine if I told everything I heard?!?! I never realized the extent of how fake, miserable and spiteful people are. How they live/love drama. Now no one has my back (shocker) or is trying to make peace. I could care less. I’ll always stand alone for what’s right. I look back and I think about my ex friend that got bullied and how I could have turned my cheek like everyone else and “not got involved” but “I did get involved” so they could became friends. But for what? So now they can bully together. As disappointed as I am in people at times, I will never change. I will never be a #meangirl and I will never sit back and allow/watch #bullying . In true time a person’s character will always be revealed. If you’re phony it’s only evident you will eventually expose yourself because that act gets real tiring to keep up. 


Culture is king. It’s in your best interest to build an organization where shared values and virtues are held firmly, where jerks, bullies, and troublemakers don't thrive. Reason being, if your good workers and high performers are witnessing the toxic behaviors it may be affecting them already. It means you may have lost the war on retaining them long term. 

Gossip is poison to the work setting. It causes disruption and is specifically designed to take someone down. Gossipers are often disgruntled and entitled. They spread their tumor by enlisting others, in their negative spin campaign. You're an individual contributor and if you work in such an environment, it may be time to evaluate whether staying further may affect your career path or, much worse, your health and well-being. 
The larger the group campaigning against toxic behaviors, the better your chances that your toxic colleagues will be rooted out. So “Get Involved.”