Manifestation and Light

Welcome to my first blog post where I’ll be writing about various topics that is so dear to my heart. Specifically concentrating on spirituality and helping you to expand your consciousness.

So let’s get started and talk about manifestation. I know most of you have heard this term but let’s understand how your state of being effects what you manifest. 

In the picture of Dr. Hawkins “Map Of Consciousness” there’s a visible spectrum of light. Light relates to the state of being that you’re resonating at. If you look at the map you can tell which state of being your resonating at based on your emotion.  When you go higher in your state of being you are gonna start existing in higher levels.

When you look at the map there is different frequency levels for each color. Red happens to be the lowest frequency of visible light. Purple happens to be the highest frequency. 

How does this effect your reality? Reality isn’t as solid as you think. Everything is vibrating at an atomic level and there is this pressurized reality that is holding it in place making it seem solid.  Change is the only constant here in our reality. There actually is no separation between you and your reality. 

So how does this relate to changing things in your reality? If you look at the electromagnetic scale the lower frequencies do not have the ability to penetrate through objects. When you start getting into a high frequency, light is moving being able to penetrate through objects. This is why when you raise your state of being, you have the ability to effect the things around you because you’re actually not just your body. You are light and energy just expressing itself in the physical. So based on where you are in your state of being, you’re going to have the power to shift things around you. When you’re resonating at a higher state people will shift up in your reality to reflect it back to you. 

We all are expressions of light. Based on traumatic experiences that you have experienced as well as limiting beliefs that you hold within your physical body, they can either down shift you into a lower frequency level of light or they’re shifting you higher into a higher frequency level of light.  Light actually has two properties. It’s a particle and it’s a wave. What you are doing when you’re removing these limitations is you are shifting the actual energetic level of every single atom, electron, and proton in your body to this new frequency. You are going to shift and change everything in your reality. Your energy level is going to level up. That is why when you release limiting/negative beliefs, you are going to start to feel lighter and overall better. You will start to shift your mindset and thoughts to stay in a positive state and automatically manifest only positive change in your reality. You are so powerful and that is why you can manifest anything to you when operating at the highest frequency. Happy manifesting! Love and light to all.